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Orange Line

Digital Logic 2-day Workshop: May 13 & 20, 2017 at 10am - 12:30pm

An introduction to digital integrated circuit operation. Students learn about Binary mathematics, Boolean logic, and a variety of discrete digital logic circuits including: AND gates, OR gates, flip flops, counters, and timers. Students assemble and solder a human reaction timer built from discrete digital logic devices. Basic electrical knowledge of voltage, current, and circuits is strongly suggested. Ages 10 and up. $70 for members, $80 for non-members. You must register to attend.

Design for Super Heroes 2-day Workshop: June 4 & 11, 2017 at 1pm - 3pm

This workshop focuses on "Why do things look the way they do?" Beginning with some of the first industrial designs, such as for cars and trains from nearly 100 years ago, students discover the continuing influences of design in today's world. We will find that many of today's videogame designs and superhero characters were actually created some 70 years ago! Get ready to work on design challenges for objects such as banks, lunchboxes, bridges, and even secret enemy bases! This class is for students ages 10 and up. Admission is $30 for members $40 non-members. Must register to attend.


MOAH offers weekend enrichment classes that focus on science and technology. We provide a safe, supportive and supervised opportunity to work with hand tools and basic materials. Workshops are suited for children 10 years and older and are held in the Livermore Center at the Museum.

Stay tuned for more workshops!  


Ideal for field trips and class enrichment, Science Samplers introduce elementary and middle school students to science principles. A Science Sampler session is typically 45 - 60 minutes in duration and can be scheduled by contacting 650-321-1004.

Each presentation is a walk-through in time covering events that led to a specific discovery or invention, integrating history, demonstrations, and the theory behind the discovery. At the end of a presentation, students can engage in hands-on activities relating to the topic of the session.

The minimum Sampler fee is $100 for up to 10 students plus $10 for each additional student. Related take-home projects are also available on request at extra cost. Docent-led tours of the Museum before or after the Science Sampler session are also available by advance arrangement.

Available Science Sampler sessions include:

Puzzles Sampler
Students learn about the various kinds of puzzles, and they all get a chance to play with them. Not all puzzles are jigsaw puzzles! This presentation can easily be integrated with a mathematics curriculum. Possible take-home project: Making your own puzzle (e.g. tangram, wooden pyramid puzzle).

Electrical Science: Electricity, Electromagnetism and Electrostatics
From Volta, the Italian professor who invented the battery, to Oersted, Faraday, Henry, and Tesla, students walk a time-line of discoveries. Demonstrations include: electric motor, generator, electromagnets, Tesla coil, and more.

Students learn about static electricity by going way back to the days of the Greek scientists and triboelectricity (creating electricity by rubbing, e.g., cat's fur on amber), and progressing to the monumental discoveries of Ben Franklin, Coulomb, and Michael Faraday. Demonstrations include: Leyden Jar, Electroscope, Van de Graaf Generator, Tesla Coil, and Jacob's Ladder.

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