Gilbert Erector Giant Airship


This model does not represent a particular airship, but has features found on many rigid airships. It can be built from the No. 8 and larger sets of the 1929-1932 period. Strangely, only the propeller on the middle gondola is powered, as the set has only one motor.

In building the model, which is about four feet in length, the cloth bag is pulled over the frame of the airship, something like a sock, and laced up at the bottom. Holes must be made in the bag to accomodate the brackets for hanging the gondolas. The fragile cloth bags deteriorate and are often missing.

Note this is not a blimp. A blimp has no rigid internal structure and does not retain its shape if all the gas is let out. The Erector model represents a rigid airship which does have an internal structure and retains its shape if all the gas is let out.

Courtesy: Clyde Easterly

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