Gilbert Meccano Ocean Liner & No. 115 Shipbuilding Outfit

New Haven, 1930 - ca 1935

In 1922 Meccano - which offered a metal construction toy made in Liverpool, England - established a factory in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In 1928 the A. C. Gilbert Company purchased the Meccano factory in New Jersey and moved it to New Haven, Conn., after which Gilbert made and sold Meccano sets in the U. S. A. until 1938.

The Ocean Liner is the featured model of this 1930 No. 115 Shipbuilding Outfit. The model could be assembled with special grommet seals so it would actually float. A large rubber band inside the hull could be wound up to power the propeller. The rudder could be adjusted so the craft would sail around in a circle. (This model has reproduction hull parts).

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