Gilbert Erector Rocket Jets Ride

This whimsical operable model has no known prototype. It represents the growing interest in space travel, rockets and other fast vehicles in the 1950s, '60s and '70s. The tower with its three fins is said to slightly resemble the Space Shuttle. The four rockets with their two large exhaust stacks are reminiscent of contemporary hot-rod cars in the era when it was considered "cool" to have "dual pipes" and "glass packs" (loud mufflers). And today, even in the face of expensive fuel and environmental regulations, speed and power still rule!

The Rocket Jets Ride - based on an original design by John Cook (also known as Doc Prune on his well-known Web site ( was built mostly from a large accumulation of 1950s and '60s vintage Gilbert Erector parts. There are no plans for it in any Erector set instruction manual. Most of the parts to build it can be found in two 1950s vintage Amusement Park (No. 10) sets. Traditional Gilbert Erector sets and parts are still readily available on the Ebay auction site and at Gilbert conventions and club meets.

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