Side Gallery Case

Here are a few of the many construction toys on display

Clockwise from upper left:

1. Marklin Metallbaukasten, a metal construction toy which originated from Meccano but was made in Germany from WWI to 1999. This set and the omnibus model are from ca. 1925; the parts are chemically blackened. Marklin is a well-known maker of trains and other toys and is still in business today.

2. Stanlo (Stanley Tool Company), ca. 1933-1938.

3. Meccano Auto Constructor No. 1 outfit and models, ca.1932-WWII.

4. On the bottom shelf are models made from Structo Automobile Construction Sets ca. 1914-WWII. All of the models have working steering and one of them has a working differential and 2-speed gear box. The orange car was made ca. 1914. Courtesy: Clyde Easterly

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