Gilbert Erector White Truck Models

New Haven, CT 1926-1932

From 1926 through 1932 the A. C. Gilbert Co. offered Erector sets with special parts to build models of trucks produced by the White Motor Co. This was the result of an arrangement between Gilbert and the Kelmet Corporation, which had been formed in 1920 to compete with other manufacturers of large toy trucks. The particular models that are represented here appear to be very close likenesses of actual 1924-1925 White Motor Co. trucks.

The display shown in the photo contains several different White Truck models, and also some models of early construction equipment. The trucks all have working steering and some have manually operated working cranes, dump bodies, etc. The Erector set in the lower left corner is a 1929 No. 7 1/2 "White Truck" set restored to its original factory configuration.

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