Current Exhibit
In the Groove: A History of Record Players now on display. Featuring vintage phonographs, jukeboxes, turntables and music boxes.

PALO ALTO, California (March 16, 2018) The Museum of American Heritage will display unique artifacts in a new exhibit called In the Groove: A History of Record Players. The exhibit opens on March 23, 2018 and will run through August 19, 2018.

Learn about the history behind the phonographs, jukeboxes and turntables and explore how record players changed the landscape of music. Some of the topics covered in this exhibit include the different sizes of records, the social impact of bringing music into the home environment and organized crime in the jukebox industry.

The exhibit features a diverse collection of record players including Edison phonographs, a Seeburg jukebox, a Metzner turntable and an assortment of music boxes, and many more. Immerse yourself in the rich world of record players. Discover the era of a more personal musical experience by listening to a phonograph. Explore the evolution of record players, from the phonograph to the jukebox.