Early 20th Century Kitchen
1920s General Store
The Marshall Mathews Garage
Print Shop
The Ruth Bell Lane Memorial Garden

Orange Line

Early 20th Century Kitchen
The Williams House kitchen exhibit showcases a variety of domestic technologies from the early 20th century, ranging from a Hoosier cabinet to a 1930s monitor top refrigerator. It currently features a "modern" 1930s kitchen with the latest gadgets and decor.

1920s General Store
The general store is a recreation of a 1920s Chicago store owned and operated by Helena and Jozef Kormanak , the grandparents of MOAH Board member Ken Kormanak. Funding for the restoration of the grocery store came from See's Candies and, in their honor, we have a See's Candies display featuring packaging from different eras.

The Marshall Mathews Garage
The Marshall Mathews Garage, a replica of a 1920s-40s auto repair shop, currently houses a 1915 Ford Model T Touring car. The garage is dedicated to the memory of avid collector and vintage car enthusiast Marshall Mathews. The atmosphere of a period garage has been recreated with vintage automotive items donated by friends of Marshall.

The print shop contains a functioning intertype machine and several printing presses. Stop by MOAH's print shop on a Friday or Saturday afternoon and you just might be lucky enough to see our resident printer tinkering with this marvelous invention. If you are interested in a printing workshop, please visit.

A generous gift from the Mel and Bill Lane families in honor of their mother Ruth Bell Lane, co-founder of Sunset Magazine, has enabled MOAH to undertake significant restoration of the historic Williams gardens.

Extensive research by horticultural experts and garden historians has guided our restoration efforts. Historical resources, including early Sunset publications, records from the Williams family, and historic publications, informed our creation of an early twentieth century California garden. All plants in the grounds are original or period-appropriate.

Garden beds include: a 1942 Victory garden; an early American cutting garden; medicinal and culinary herb beds; a water-wise California Mediterranean garden.

As per MOAH's Green Business Certification, our gardens are planted and maintained with a concern for the environment. Organic practices, water-wise maintenance, and limited use of power tools are traditional practices employed in the garden.